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Mentoring Advising Services

A mentor is a trusted advisor, someone who is committed to helping you achieve your business goals. You can count on our supportive mentoring services to provide personalized advice and practical strategies to foster your professional development. We can:

  • Guide you on matters that are critical to your growth and success
  • Share insights and new concepts to enhance your effectiveness
  • Provide training on specific areas for improvement
  • Give customized techniques for increasing your performance and results
  • Offer a sounding board, constructive criticism and encouragement

If you would like to learn more about our Mentoring and Advising service, please contact The Broshe Group today.

For more detailed information to fit your specific needs, visit the websites below:

- One-on-one “Special Strategy Sessions” with Melissa Evans, to help you monetize your passion.  Visit:  www.soulpurposeimplementation.com

- Join me on "Planet Abundance", the one and only place for business owners who are ready to live abundantly – and unapologetically – and to do so with the support    of like-minded people who enjoy the same atmosphere.  For more information visit:   www.planetabundancemastermind.com

- For speaking engagements with Melissa Evans visit:   www.melissaevansspeaks.com

- Melissa Evans – The Guru of Implementation presents LIVE:  “5 Ways To Be Recession Proof This Year and Beyond”.   For a location near you visit:   www.monetizeyoursoulpurpose.com