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Strategic planning may not be something that you have given much thought to, but if you are a business owner, it is time to start thinking. No matter the size of your company, it can definitely benefit from strategic planning. However, if you have never thought much about it, then you most likely have more than a few questions.

What is strategic planning? This is a structured way of making sure that all goals and missions are set for the company, and the procedures are implemented to make sure these goals are met. Strategic planning can be extremely organized or loosely based. Depending on the size of your company, the actual parameters of the planning can vary.

Strategic planning should be considered an integral part of your business. If you have not already implemented it, then now is the time.

How do I even begin the process of strategic planning? A good starting point is to begin by setting a vision or a mission for your company. This usually comes in the form of a statement or a short paragraph that you may even wish to display for customers to see.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, do not be afraid to consult others. You can ask your employees for their input as to what the mission of the business is. You can also consult other business owners about what their mission statement says. Once you have gathered all the information you need, you can put your mission into words.

I have a small business; do I still need to form a committee? You do not have to include a standard committee, and if your business is small enough, you may want to get all of your employees involved. It is important to have regular planning meetings that can include strategic planning for the week, the month, or the year.

What can I do next to truly implement strategic planning? A good second step is to begin planning short-term goals for the business. Remember to keep the mission or vision in mind. You can set goals for each day or you can choose to implement weekly achievements.

Once you have the short-term in place, you can move on to long-term, which would include goals and achievements for a year to five years. These goals should include everything from marketing to customer service, from building maintenance to financial goals.

Basically, if it has to do with your business, then a plan needs to be put in place. This way, your business will operate as smoothly as possible.

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